Other Braap


I have mine set up for 250 pounds of rider.
I come in now in the 180's:banana::banana:

This allows me to pack a bag for the rack, fully
gear up, back pack, and vest and still hit shit.

I revalved the forks and have the first stage very
soft and then progress harder. The SM uses RMZ
forks that are shorter, I was able to cut them off
and wrap the end nicley-looks factory. Rear has a 5.9
spring as well. Just do it and you will pick up a lot of speed.
Those hand warmers look bad ass on the bike above :thumb: they come in handy in the winter months i bet, and how the hell did you get that bike in the back of that van LOLz:shocked:
Yeah, those hand warmers kicked ass on my desert trips this winter. Also came in handy back home. It was not easy to fit that bike in the van. The back door of the van would not open the morning I was leaving to meet buddies in Sacramento to head down to the desert. I had to improvise and I used one plank of wood and just kept wiggling until I got it in there. The hard part was getting it out.:thumb: