Other Blitz C.A.R.B. Compliant Fuel Jug

Fuel jugs in California are supposed to be CARB compliant if manufactured after a certain date. There are rumors of people being ticketed for non compliant jugs. My VP jug is getting pretty beat up, decided to buy a back up jug. Local stores want $40 for "utility" jugs, being the cheap bastard that I am, decided to look what else is available.
Walmart sells this 5 gallon Blitz jug for $10, yes, 10 bucks. I have had CARB compliant jugs in the past, and they were a pain to use, seemed more gas spilled than went into the tank. This jug has the new design spout - like a fire extinguisher, and I have to admit, it works pretty good. Couple of handles on the jug make it easy to pour. Two problem areas, first, there is a lockout switch that must be reset every time the handle is squeezed, and second, a ratchet style lock securing the nozzle to the jug. Mine seemed to be defective - it's almost as if someone cut the plastic in two places with a pair of wire cutters, rendering these two problems obsolete. Not that I am advocating modifying a CARB product, mind you.
Overall, I am pleased with this jug, cheap to buy, easy to use, and CARB compliant.



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I have the opposite story on these WAL mart Gas caps. BE CAREFUL!!!
They will break off. I have replaced them 4 times, each time taking more and more care not to break it off. Each time it breaks with less force.
So now my Gas can sits on the side of my house with no cap and fillin' with dust slowly, i may never use that can again...