Bill Would Require Stock Exhaust on All Bikes

So anybody know what the chances are of this going through?

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Senate Bill 435 has just passed out of the Assembly and is expected to be sent to the governor's desk soon. Despite the author's claims, the bill will do little to address excessive sound or reduce emissions, and is still unfairly targeting motorcycle owners.
In fact, the ability of law enforcement to even locate the federal label is simply not practical in a real world traffic stop situation. These stamps can be positioned in many different locations depending on the type of exhaust and/or style of the motorcycle. This will result in improper and unwarranted citations being issued.
Furthermore, after-market exhaust systems are not always louder than stock systems and can be installed for a variety of legitimate reasons. Stock exhaust can wear out over time, be damaged, unavailable or prohibitively expensive. If passed, motorcyclists, and motorcyclists alone, will be forced to purchase Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, while automobile drivers will continue to be allowed to install exhaust components from non-OEM sources like Midas and Meineke.
This bill is clearly discriminatory and punitive, and will serve only to drive up the cost of ownership for every rider while doing little or nothing to actually address the issue of excessive motorcycle sound. Now is the time to contact the Governor's office and request a veto of this unfair legislation!

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:rant: This is just great. So now the motorcycle industry is going to suffer with not being able to sell aftermarket exhaust to the public. :thinking: Unless they build pipes and have them approved by the EPA and get the stamp.

Looks like 2012 is the year bike sells go up. Get that last new bike that you can mod before you are an outlaw...


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This is just Fing ridiculous.

Check this out:
This bill would make it a crime for a person to park, use, or operate a
motorcycle, registered in the state, that is manufactured on and after January
1, 2013, or a motorcycle, registered in the state, with aftermarket exhaust
system equipment that is manufactured on or after January 1, 2013
, that
does not have the above label, and would make a violation of this provision
punishable by a specified fine, thereby imposing a state-mandated local
program by creating a new crime.
So does this mean that I can have a 2014 model year bike with a 2010 aftermarket exhaust on it? :thinking:
Yeah this is some stupid shit. I remember years ago when some damn emissions testing company came to Louisville and talked the local city Government into putting up testing facilities and every year we had to take all of vehicles in for testing and pay 12 bucks each car. After 10 years and only .5% of the vehicles failing they figured out we don't have a pollution problem coming from the exhaust and axed their contract and canceled the program. It was all about money at the time.
So does this mean that I can have a 2014 model year bike with a 2010 aftermarket exhaust on it? :thinking:
If that was true, then the manufactures would not be able to make any changes to the motor, frame or exhaust on the newer bikes so the older stuff would work...