bike problem

well i changed the park plug in my bike because it wouldn't run and i filled the oil but it still won't work it will start then quit, but the other day i went riding and i filled with supreme from the pump.....this was in my DRZ 125 now my fuc:bleep:ng bike won't start im so mad:foul::finger::thumbsdown:
Fuel octane rating won't have any effect on whether or not the engine will run. Octane is only a fuel's rating for resistance to detonation, nothing more.

Most trail bikes like CRF-Fs are just fine with regular fuel, no premium required.

I would suggest your running issues are related to dirt in the carb. And cussing at it won't fix it...:thinking:
DRZ125... Ya.. Have you rejetted the carb?... Or it stock jetting? Theres a thread in the Kawasaki section ...KLX 125L... (same bike as a DRZ125)... They come from the factory super lean.. And they are a bish to keep running...

Also check the Air screw.. its in the bottom of the carb....tighten the screw intill it seats... then back out 2 1/2 out

I used a 110 main jet and a 20 slow jet... I also ordered a yamaha TTR125 throttle piston pin.. (its adjustable)