450F Better Handling While On The Stand!!!

I was telling my wife that my bike could use some better high speed handling while relaxing on the Stand, so she brought this home for me lastnight...:banana:


So when she saw my eyes light up, she cut me loose in the garage to install it and test it out. So here is a little before, during and after install pics for you. My camera was dead, so I had to use my phone and was not too excited about the quality, but here you go.

Cockpit Before the install:


Before removing the top triple clamp. Is that some fine scratches I see there....


Here is the final assembly.




While testing it out in the garage, I notice a huge improvement while sitting there perched up on the stand. I feel this is going to work out great in the dez while hanging out in camp and if the wind picks up a little, I can turn the clicker a little to handle the extra movement.
You have never had a stabililzer before? There is no going back, just ask Mr. RAck. Was a poet and didn't know it.:smirk: You will love it.:prof:
Never had one in my desert assault days years back, but had one on the 250 before I gave it to my son. He took it off, but when he returns, I will be convincing him to put it back on...