Riding Clothes Best Gloves Ever!

a little while back a freind turned me on to riding with M-pact mechanix gloves. I have found that they abesolutley rock! I first purchased a pair of the M-pact 2 which is used for impact wrenches ect. they not only have great knuckle protection and padding on the m-pact 2's but they have gell pads on the palms which are great on long rides or offroad races. i had a pair of these for two race seasons and i had to replace them with regular M-pacts ( less knuckle padding but still have gell palms). I fell like even with the gell pads they still give me a great feel for the bike. I have been highly disappointed in the junkie motocross gloves that are good for about one ride, that really have no padding on the knuckle or the palm. For me the Mechanix M-pact Series Gloves dominate them.:thumb:
would this be the glove your talking about? http://www.mechanix.com/m-pact-3-gloveLooks like a good glove. Im always looking for good gloves. Most the ladies are cheapies! So Im wearing mostly mens now. I LOVE these ones that someone gave me as a gift. http://www.five-gloves.com/index2.php5?page=gants&categorie=2 havent tried their dirt glove but I wear them for both dirt and street. They are very similar to a dirt glove. I think Im going to get another pair. I have worn a hole in my old ones on the index finger from shifting. Wish gloves were easier to find in stores. Always a skempy selection. I hate buying stuff off the internet when I want to try it on or study it first.

Hmmm...not sure why it didnt post up the M-3 glove. But search their site and you'll find it. Man! They sure have a lot of gloves at Mechanix!