Best Christmas Stories

Kind of short notice however I thought this would be a good one like the campfire stry thread...can even add to this if THIS years holidays are "eventfull". The stories can be whatever however I was aiming at what one story sticks out in your mind the most...Mine is this...

I'd have to say roughly 20 years ago my wife and I were sound asleep Christmas morning when my oldest daughter (only 2 kids at the time...daughter and son about 7 & 4) came in and woke me up, she was in tears and said Charlie, my son was also crying saying SANTA didn't leave him any presents. I thought about it and said that's crazy, go back and look a little harder...2 reasons, there WERE presents from "St NICK" and I also wanted more sleep. She went out sobbing and came back in a short time later saying there are no presents for ANYBODY from Santa. I sat up and said well, let's go take a look. While she ran back out to the tree I turned to my wife...both of us shrugged our shoulders, got up and went to take a look...NOW, to take the story back to Christmas Eve when the kids are in bed, we go into the garage and pull out the bags fo presents from the cabinet. We ALWAYS keep presents from us and Santa seperate (because he makes his and drops them off for me to deliver out...duh...:prof:) however this year aparently I must have forgot we did that and grabbed only the stuff from us. When I finished spreading the gifts out I stepped back and even commented to my wife..."man, looks a little bare under there"...she said, "well, that's all of it....RIGHT"? I nodded and we went to bed...NOW back to Christmas morning. I finally realized what I had done and had to do some mad thinking...(any of you with kids still believing, keep this in mind, you may need to use it sometime). I told Jean (mrs claus) I was going outside to get the paper while SHE consoled the kids and helped them look around...I went into the garage opened the OTHER cabinet and THERE THEY WERE. I took them out, dumped them on the washer and drier got he paper and came back in to tell the kids. NOW here's yet another side of the story...My oldest daughter has quite the imagination (no idea where she gets it from), she swears she's seen santa before which we told her it's possible BUT, if he sees you not sleeping he'll leave and not drop any presents. NOW back to the main story...she had told my wife while I was outside that she had woke up during the night looked outside and saw Santa and he saw her looking out the window and that it was HER fault he didn't leave any presents. Once I had heard that I told her he must have felt bad and dropped them off on his way back to the sleigh.. I brought them in, the kids were happy, my wife had a look in her eyes one of which I've never seen before.....that's a whole different story. I still tell that story to this day (obviously, I'm telling it here) and still catch shizzle for it from my wife AND kids.....They never knew about this until only a few years ago. It was quite the surprise when we told them.

Merry Christmas
Okay Rez here is a "story" for you.......................

Never mind it wasn't a very good one. My imagination is just not as wild as some of you guys!

BTW - It does smell a bit in here though:shocked:
Christmas eve 1985: I had already pissed away an academic scholarship to one of the best Universities in the world. No shit! (I was, WAS a smart f er and had big scores on SAT's and ACT's) So when the scholarship went away due to the fact that I was the "Social Chairman" at my fraternity and thought partying and making the next weekend the best blast EVER! I was out on my ass. Then they said I had to pay for my education. That sucked! I had no money!

So my best bud's dad offered me a job in the shipping and receiving dept making $6.25/hr! I took it and an apartment in the ghetto for $160 a month. There I could finish my degree at the University of Akron! I did finish my degree and worked like an SOB all the overtime I could, and taking classes from 6 to 10 PM every day and taking 16 hrs per semester! I graduated with a 3.25!:prof:

Back to Christmas...I had a hot babe that loved me and was soon to become my ex-wife! We put up a little tree and drank some wine and went to bed. About 3 am, I heard glass breaking in my buddy's apartment next door, and I knew he was with his family this weekend. I got my 12 ga shotgun, and opened up his door from the front, (I had the key) and confronted a person in his kitchen! He was a bum, bad clothes, long hair and beard, and he had the fridge open and was sitting at his table eating. Hmmmm.

I actually sat down with my shotgun and let him eat. He said he was hungry! When he finished, I let him take all the food he wanted and told him that I will shoot his ass straight up if I ever saw him again!

Thats my best story of Christmas spirit!

That time frame was 45 minutes.

I shit thee not!
Okay, my Christmas Story, all I wanted for Christmas was a Red Ryder BB gun, but eveyone kept telling me " You'll shoot your eye out kid" :lol:

Nah just messing,,, I don't have any other than the one I told in the Christmas tree thread.
I have another one...not much of a story but kind of funny. One year or maybe a couple years in a row I had gone to a couple "odd" stores to buy gifts for my wife...she wanted a camera, I found that the local Logs "DRUG" store had a sale on them so I bought her one there along with a few other things....she also wanted a fancy silver western buckle (we had horses and shizzle at the time), this is the funnier part...there was a liquor store that also sold western wear, pants, boots, hats, belts, buckles, etc. so I bought her a buckle, some ear rings, pants (real tight ones) and a pair of boots.

A bunch of us were sitting around having a few cocktails when "shopping" came up, all the husbands started complaining about having to go to the mall, etc...I leaned back, stretched and told them YUP, I did ALL my shopping at the local liquor and drug stores. They looked at me and wondered what kind of presents I was going to be giving my wife for Christmas.

Merry Christmas