Bass lake ride report

We started on the 007 and headed up to the snow. We only got 40 miles in. One of our riders only rides about once a year and is kinda out of shape(its not me:P) I was only able to just snap a few action picks:banana:

Here is a good little step climb right out of the river

Random action photo. What nice dirt:thumb:

For some reason the slowest person gets to be in most of the photos:smirk:

Pretty pic

And now here is a pic of that famous 007 trail that we started out on:foul:

:finger: California
I give cali a big :finger: i still like the weather tho wish they could get there acts together looks like you had some fun tho:banana:
well the new travel plan doesnt take effect til all is over with that, no specific date, but they have apparently decided to do this one for other reasons, water runoff=hydrology issues Im guessing. Ive sent email to find out tho.
There are two signs at the entrance to the 1st section, but no other signs east or west up or down. could it have anything to do with the dam retrofit across the street? in any case it is unfortunate.