Barstow to Baker 220 Miles of desert fun

Very short with lots of pics ride report. Perfect weather in the desert last Friday 12 Nov 2010. Decided to finally ride from Barstow to Baker and back. Basic run down of my route is Barstow go east in the Mojave river and some pole line. Some secret single track then back into the Wash to Afton Canyon. From Afton we went to Rasor to play in the dunes and get Gas. Pole line to Baker on the Northside (or Westside how ever you look at it) of the I15. More pole line and some fun trails to get to the main pole line between Barstow and Primm. Follow that to a trail that cuts over to Spanish Canyon. Then into Coyote lake and to Minneola. Gas up for the final run back to Barstow. Both Bikes made it home with no problems at all. Super fun day. Here are some pics.

Great report desertracer..:thumb: What was the total mileage of this ride? Also I see the one scooter has a stock tank(?), what was your distance between gas stops?
The longest run between gas stops is about 85-90 miles. The guy with the stock tank carried a gallon of gas in his backpack. total its about 220 miles. I have a 250 mile route planned to where i go into calico and copper city at the end instead of strait back into barstow.
Nice, I haven't been to Razor in years, last time we were there, set up camp inside one of the bad order boxcars that was parked in the quarry. Can you still ride from Razor to Ludlow following the old railroad grade, or is that an area that's been closed?
Would like to get out there again.
Killer report man!:thumb: I've often drivin threw there and wonderd what it would be like to some riding out there. Keep the reports comin man :banana: