Other Baja DR125 stalling

Hey gang!

So this bike of mine has been through a lot of renovation, and I want it to get to a point where I can rely on it more, but now it's really not giving me any hope. Through this week, the bike has run great, no problems whatsoever, it has a brand new nibbi 26mm carb, nibbi air filter, new fuel line and filter, new petcock, new manifold (which is currently verified to show no signs of vacuum leaking), new spark plug (which is also currently verified to maintain a constant spark), new clutch, new master cylinder, and a bunch of other small things. So this morning, I went to start it up, and it ran great, I let it idle in-front of my swamp cooler for about 3 minutes, then shut off. I went to start it up, and it immediately cranked over, I gave it some throttle, and revved up perfectly, no bogging or signs of lean/rich gas, then completely stalls. So I gave it a couple minutes, and went to crank it over again, it fired right up, and ran for about 2 seconds and stalled. When I went right back to trying to fire it over, it would not even budge to start up. It would only start if I let it sit for a few minutes. So I let it sit for a few hours, and cranked right over, ran for about 10 seconds and died.

So at this point, I think it's a fuel problem, but I'm still not entirely sure. The petcock is not clogged, the fuel filter is not clogged, the carb is receiving fuel correctly, and from what I can tell, it looks to be operating just fine. I gave a quick thought that it might be an electrical problem, so after cranking it over and stalling, I quickly took the spark plug out and did a spark test, and it works just fine, plenty of spark, and still at the correct adjustment setting. The head of the spark plug is still brown, so I know it's been running great through the week, but this predicament here really has me stumped.

I don't suppose any of y'all out there might have experienced a similar problem, if not, any suggestions are appreciated!


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With a new carburetor, float setting and flow needs to be verified. It could just be leaking enough into the float bowl to start every now and then.
Good Luck, I hope you find the issue. -BIG DAN:thumb:
I ended up giving up on the bike, I took apart the carb, and everything looks great, couldn't be better. I'll let it sit for about a month and see if just letting the thing sit will get it working again. I went and bought a 05' ttr250 for super cheap, which feels like a totally different bike compared to the baja lol. So I'll be enjoying that... I mean... having a reliable and running bike makes for a totally different experience when riding!