Awesome Weekend of Riding - LPNF and Rowher Flats

A fricken Great Weekend.. All weekends need to be like this.


This was a great ride. Dirt was perfect. No dust. The pace wasn't as slow as I expected with 16, yes 16 riders.

We staged at Edison. We had a ton of vehicles. a pretty sight. LOLOL. We cut through the Coyote trail to Sterling on the way up to the forest trails. We headed up East Frazier to the bench. It was nice looking down and seeing the blanket of clouds. after a short break at the bench, I chased Frank to the road. There was no way I was gonna keep up with him, but it was fun trying. once on the fireroad, we took it to the tower. It's just a bit over 8,000 feet, the view was fantastic and everyone had smiles. I booked down to the entrance of whata trail and setup for flybye video and pics. swept the group until just before the switchbacks. passed up a few of the guys to get pics of a few going down the switchbacks. We then took Tejon to Long Dave and down to the creek. two in our group didn't stop at the creek. after searchi g for them on Long dave road, we headed towards to planned route. up west Frazier and west Frazier tie. a couple of the ruts were a bit bigger at the beginning of the tie road, but evevryone made it. a truck was blocking the easy route around the tree, so once past him, I setup for more pics, everyone made it through the harder section with ease. At the fire road we split the group. five of us opted to take Arrastra while the remainder took Whata. our groups met on Tejon at the bottom of Arrastra. pretty much the same time. after a break, we headed down Tejon to Powerline road. Nathan and Frank did the big hillclimb before heading back to the trucks. It was a fun day. Dirt was great. weather was great. and the people were great.

Slideshow of pics: 10-23-2010/?albumview=slideshow

random clips 1 ->
random clips 2 ->
chasing frank ->
Arrastra ->


All I need to say is AWESOME!!! Yesterday was great, today was fricken Awesome. We had Awesome conditions, It was an Awesome pace, We took an Awesome route, and we had an Awesome bunch of guys. We had eight of us. Randy and I decided to head back after I decided to perfect Randy's superman flying attempt he did a month or so ago. after the hard stuff on Lookout, sped through a mud puddle, front tire grabbed and got out of control. I just about got it back into control when I hit a fence on the side of the trail. My bike took it out before throwing me off. Tweaked my knee. I will need to get some knee braces instead of knee pads. fricken knee twisted in a direction I never thought it could go. Thank you Randy for the gloves and heading back down. ;-) I am a happy camper. had a great time, crash and all. We staged at bouquet. Oh, by the way, the ranger just posted on the signs, no more 5 dollar fix it tickets for not having an adventure pass. they will enforce a 50 dollar fine. We took the top across hitting all the semi technical side shoots. Down Ridge and sierra, down Fall, mine, silver king, across texas and flat, up lookout, across the ridge and back down to the trucks. let me say it one more time.. Fricken Awesome ride. Hope to do it again soon. the ride, not the fall.

Slideshow of msgtretired's pics.. Flats - 10-24-2010/?albumview=slideshow
Slideshow of cr5hundee's pics... 7/?albumview=slideshow

Highlights of the ride..
going up lookout..
my classic fall..
The dirt was good, the mud was great and the company was even better! Jill and I had a great time once again!

Here are a couple of vids. First is coming down Whata with Jill smacking the tree at 9:53.

I've already fixed her front fender by using the one that broke as a donor for fixing the one I replaced after her first ride into the forest. Good thing I didn't throw it away.

The next one is me on Long Dave all by my lonesome and of course I had to crash into the bushes at 6:35.

Here are some video capture photos from the ride. Click on the photo to the right -->
:thumb: Good stuff MSGT

:lol: I thought you were going to save it on your "classic fall", but you didn't. :cripple::smirk:
Almost saved it, but ran across that friken fence on the side of the trail, it grabbed my bike me and threw me down. it was kinda cool flying through the air, until I landed....