Article: Checking Valve Clearances - 2005 KX250F


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Awesome. I'll put that to use sometime. Always hearing about modern 4T's needing checking/adjustment but I never had a good hands-on explanation! -BIG DAN:thumb:
Sweet. I am very interested in part two. That doesn't look that hard to check.
I have heard that there are different designs are far as adjusting, "turning a screw", shims and maybe one more. I'm interesting in hearing about all methods of adjustment :thumb:


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Hey that was great bizz on how to adjust the valves on that kx. How often do you need to do this however?
The manual suggests checking the valves every 6 races/15 hours, only adjust if needed and don't do it more then what's really necessary.

I don't think I've checked mine in over 30 hours.
Oh I dont know the history on the bike. I've owned it about a month. Its completley torn apart cause a 4 wheerler hit me and bent the frame. Figure it'd be a good time to go through everything on the bike. Any suggestions???