All Anyone camped in the desert yet?

We were planning on making this coming weekend our first trip but it's looking to be mid 90s now. Think we're going to wait one more week and see what the weather's like then.
I didn't remember. Rode only about 20 or so miles. Did more relaxing than riding. Rode in the middle of the day one time and even though I hydrated well before, got dry mouth very fast, say 10 min in or so.
I was at Gorman Labor day weekend and it was nice. bout 80 degrees with some wind chill, nights got kinda cold. Wasnt as hot as we expected. I was also hung over when I arrived and I was chillin so it must have been good.


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Not bad at all. I have been camping all summer. El Mirage and baldy mesa have been pleasant for southern california. Ride in the mornings!!!
-BIG DAN:thumb: