anyone a paramedic or a firefighter on here?

just want to know how to become a paramedic i know i have to do emt in college but just wondering how the whole process works and about how long it takes to get the certificate and to actually be liscenced
My husband is a fire captain, prior to this was a paramedic through the fire department for over 10 years. Part of his hands on paramedic training internship was actually spent at Gardena Fire (which is now LA County), small world! The clinical portion of his training was spent at MLK County Hospital.

You can take paramedic training courses in college just like an EMT. It's about six+ months long. We were engaged when he went through, seemed like 3/4 years of med school shoved into 6 months, very stressful! Not sure how much it cost to go through the program privately. My hub's fire department put him through the paramedic program. The program he went through was The Paramedic Training Institute (PTI), which was located at Harbor UCLA. I believe it's now located in the City of Commerce. The PTI program is offered for either private paramedic work/companies, or for those becoming medics through the fire department. I hope you choose the Firefighter/Paramedic route. Private paramedic's do not get paid what they're worth! Good luck :thumb: