Any thoughts about the BMW 450 X

I work with high technology stuff all the time; it's sophisticated but really dumb.

How do you get around this brian?

Sounds like another product line to add to your GPS/ Enduro Computer.
You really could be the Woz of the dirt bike world.

Buy that goddamned thing, mod the shit out of it and say fuck the warranty.... That thing was rippin in that vid. And its street legal? Sweet. Fuck a warranty. Ive never had one on a bike, and that has never deterred me from having a blast on it... Just fix crap as it comes along, just like all your other machines. It won Romaniacs... That says something about its durability. Just go buy it, mod it and ride it.. :ride:
Don't have a clue. I know it can be done! It's just how much money and time does it take. :smirk: :prof:
Security is only a figment of the imagination.

The previous Husqvarna bikes have vin #s and number of hours "powered up" logged in them. If the new 449 bike has the same system, buy a different ecu and install before powering up - or buy the actual power up kit from Husqvarna when they become available which would come with a new ecu.

Some of the details are really vauge at this time, as stated the press release has not happened yet.
damn, ossi make sure you post a thread and pics of the new ride!

15% basket case, no registration in 5 plus years.
The guy has all of the paperwork and the plate, just
need to see if they give me the plate then 2 days work.

It is all there.

I think I will pass on the 450 X, to many great plated bikes can be had
these days used.