Another Cal City loop - 12/11/2010

We did another Cal City ride. four of us took a 119 mile trek from Borax Bills in Cal City. huskyjack, SteveO yz450, schmo, and myself. We headed over to Jawbone via cc10. got gas, and had to get a bolt and nut from the atv store there, as my Harbor freight bag fell off. The shop charged me 2 bucks for the bolt and nut. lolol. We then went up through Jawbone to Redrock. Took a gander at the Talc mines and the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, and a torn up cabin. on the way out EP15, I stopped and asked this lone rider if he was ok. asked twice before he answered with a NO. He got lost from his party. He was beat, wasn't lookin good. He didn't know where he staged, didn't know where he came from, didn't know where he was going. Not a good thing. We gave him water, energy bar, and kick started his bike for him. Had him hang with us until we found his friends. which happened to be quite a distance away. Guys and gals, have a plan when you ride. This could of been bad. After parting ways, we continued on ep 15 to ep 21 to Garlock road. then went to Randsburg for Lunch. it was pretty vacant. we did run into a few riders there, neversurfaced, hondalover, plus a few others, talked to them for a bit. I ate a 5 dollar burger and drank a pitcher of beer. We headed to Joeberg for gas after lunch. on the way back to Borax Bills, the sun was blinding. It was low in the sky and in the direction we were going. We still made it back in good time before the sun went down. it was a fun ride. just think, I'm gonna ride the forest tomorrow with a big group of riders.

a few pics of the ride..

slideshow.. ride - 12-11-2010/?albumview=slideshow

Nice report, and roost for you for helping a stranded rider. Were his buddies looking for him, or just left him as dead?
We found him in the rocky canyon of ep15 between ep11 and ep21. after about 20 minutes stopped at his location, we gave him water, food, and started his bike, then made him ride along with us up to ep21/15 junction, (20 minutes away from his location) where we found his friends looking for him. We were gonna get him into civilization (Cell phone reception) if we didn't run into his party. He was beat. out of water until we showed up. He didn't know where he staged, didn't know where he was going, didn't know where he lost his friends. just remembered one was on a quad and one was on a bike. He was tired and didn't think he could make it up that rocky road. he said he was there a while. he was standing there leaning up against his bike.
when you leave Randsburg.. hit the northerly route against the mountains. the last leg of the 111 mile route. that is fun. there is so many trails and roads out there. conditions, rock, sand, whoops, technical, and roads.