Injured AMRA race @ Arizona Cycle Park accident.

Just got off the phone with chad's sister, Sara. He is still in phoenix. He broke 6 vertebra, fractured ribs and fractured his wrist. One of his vertebra is shattered. He will be going into surgery on wednesday to put a rod in his back. Thursday morning, they are going in through the front to remove all the bone fragments. Thank god, there have been no signs of paralysis. He can wiggle his toes. Also, he had a concussion and has a little bit of a stutter when talking, but doctors say that should go away in the next few weeks. This was a horrible accident and we hope to see Chad recover quickly. Please send him and his family prayers.


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Very sad to hear this, but at the same time glad to hear that he should recover. :thumb: He'll be in my prayers.

BTW what's his name? Do you have more details as to what happened?
His name is Chad Core.

He actually called me because he just got out of his breathing exercise to let me know to never break my back. (he was pretty out of it with all the pain killers.) From what he said, the step-up triple was no problem for him. He was clearing it all day at practice. But they watered the track before the race and he hit a slippery mud spot in front of the lip and just had some wheel spin and lost some speed. He came up about 2-3ft short.