Amatuer AMA D37 Desert Racing 2021

It was a great race. First 40 miles were flowing and super dusty, Second 40 a lot more technical with rock gardens, water falls you had to climb up, rock descents and inclines. I lost some time on the 2nd loop not having raced in some years and getting tired. But a good race to see where I am at for the next one.
Next race weekend is coming up next week - Slash X
I'll be out working this one. Will be a good one.
HBMC Adult.png
Bring the kids and enjoy this riding clinic with some of the top local dez racers.
HBMC Youth Clinic.jpg
After they dial in their skills, they can try them out during the Youth race. We have been seeing 100+ youth racers this year. Awesome!
HBMC Youth.png
Awesome weekend out in the Dez for some racing. Snow, rain, wind and dust. 513 adult racers and 120 youth showed up for the weekend. Great numbers.