Pro ama and gncc coverage on tv???

i was chatting with someone on here the other day and they pointed me to a channel that i don't get that covers ama and gncc events. anyone know what the name of that channel was again? i'm going to try and download some of the events off the internet. it'd be awesome to find some from last season cause i'm probably in a few :ride:
ugg i forget i see it as well and i know that Cox cable dont offer it but if you get Fuel TV they have a show called Inside the Moto... its not live coverage but they give great insight to whats going on with standings and what not for those events

edit: it was MavTV
I get some GNCC coverage on a channel called Versus. My provider is AT&T ,u-verse. I dont know if ya have that back there. I get all the outdoors motocross on SPEED.
cool, thanks payloan. i'll have to check for that too. i can't seem to find any torrent dowloads for mavtv :cry: suck :rant: i wish atlantic broadband would just pick up some cool channels instead of all this drama crap and junk like mtv :foul:
MavTV. Nice channel, I like the way they do the coverage. Of course that will probably change as the channel matures.

I paid my extra $5 a month to get MavTV. I like the coverage when they have it, but it's too seldom that they have it. The rest of the programming has too much crap like the "paid programming" (I PAY dammit) and the stupid hot chicks exercising stuff.:rolleyes: They could put a lot more enduro/GNCC/HS stuff on!