Alarm set for "Dawn Patrol"

I do the same and then hit trails under the canopy of the Mendocino Forest.
Sweet mid week and we never see another person.

I wanna ride the mendo canopy!:cry:

I miss Nor Cal! I used to live in Petaluma but that was before I rode dirt bikes. I have rode Cow Mt. a couple times in the summer. Talked about rutted out and HOT! Fun though. It wsa many years ago and we'd swim in the reservior down the road from the staging area:thumb:
I will be moving home when I have the right job offer.
I am in the reinstatement process with the state but I am so
picky about what I will accept. So I still get to enjoy a great place
just 30 minutes from door to door. I know you can
appreciate these.

Cow is only good when it is winter or spring and moist, right
now the silt is 6 inches thick.






The Supermoto winds me around great twisty roads, this is around the corner
and down the street from my house. I ride the DRZ from here to Bodega Bay
Rd to my buddies all the time in Petaluma and have hit all the great stuff in the
Napa Valley, Valley of the Moon and Sonoma to Infienion in between. What a
great place but I am just a visitor. So Cal is home.