Pro Adelanto Grand Prix Lives On - Sort of

So last year I came out of retirement to attempt to race the "Last Adelanto GP". It was the 30th year anniversary and with funding issues and lack of police support, the Desert Vipers MC (who hosted the race) said they were done.

Well turns out that Race Town 395 has picked up the event for this year and is keeping it alive. It will be held at Race Town 395's facility and will have the same aspect as the original race.

Here is an official statement released on the event along with the website and info:

It appears that the Adelanto Grand Prix is not dead after all. When the checkered flag dropped last year, it was supposed to have marked the end of a Southern California tradition and the Adelanto GP, which had attracted thousands of off-road racers to the high-desert community of Adelanto, California, year after year. But Scott Haydis of Race Town 395, with collaboration with Off Road Sports, is bringing the race back to life.
"This race has a rich heritage for off-road racing, the city of Adelanto, and is a really fun event," said Haydis. "I wanted to make sure it did not go away like many things these days. Our effort will make the event safer for the racers and much more organized in general, since the crew at ORS will be handling all the registration and scoring issues. We will offer live timing for the event and the old things that made the event fun will still be there: the mud hole jump, free camping and spectating in the off-road portions of the track and the generally fast feel of the course will remain."
There will be designated free parking in the desert to keep the spectators, families and racers safe. The race will, once again, have the full support of the City of Adelanto and the Adelanto Police Department.
The race will be based at the Race Town 395 facility and will provide some additional camping, paid camping areas, as well as space for vendors.
For more information, visit, or email

Not sure if it will have the true grand prix feel of the past being controlled by a MX facility and not racing down the streets of Adelanto as in the past, but should still be a cool event and props to Scott Haydis for keeping it alive.

Check it out and let us know who might give this event a spin...
So, now come the million dollar question?? drumm rooollllllll!!!!!!

Is CDA going to be racing in this race? :ride:
Crash, Bang, Bing.....:thumbsdown:

Even if my shoulder was up for the task, I will be making my way across the Pacific that weekend heading to China...:(