Abandoned stuff

I'll try and get it back on track. (Sorry about the turd thing...)

Some kind of old Air Force ground marker.

This mine is so deep, you can drop a 10 pound boulder, and never hear it hit.

If you look close, you can see the nail I picked up in my rear tire,climbing the hill to get there.

Looks like we're a quart low.:smirk:

More plane shots.

Poor quads....

I thought that was reason to celebrate around here.
I am kind of curious on the story behind that photo.
The picture is a entrance to a house near Pioneertown. There's alot of vacation homes out there, and ther was a fire a couple of years ago. I heard people were trying to get up and get their stuff out, and the CHP had the road blocked, and most everything was cooked.
Can it be any abandoned stuff, or should it be ride-related? I have lots of photos taken while on two feet, including some from places that aren't accessible any other way.
I'll just post a couple at a time so my photobucket account doesn't stroke out right away.

Are not accessible, or not supposed to be accessed on a bike.
Both. Most are within walking distance of a road of some type, though. You all might even recognize a few of these places because some are adjacent to OHV destinations.
This is a satellite pic of Detroit.....doesn't get much more abandoned than that.......

Hell, it even looks dead from space....