Pro A1 TONIGHT! who ya pulling for????

The SX season gets kicked off tonight and I am looking forward to seeing Dungey win some races and I would also like to see Windham win a couple.... He's earned the respect at 34 yrs old!
As for Bubba.... beh......
We'll I sure hope it's not to nice boy Dungey.". I hope that guy gets parked this year. This will be a Interesting season and specialy tonight. It will depend on how in shape Stewart and Viillapoto are in and if they can run a whole race without getting tired. I'm for the PoPo ! Widham is a great guy but he will be just your standard every year Kevin. If Reed is there it would be nice to see "Diamond Reed" place.
yea i think its kinda cool seeing the new kid win and break records doing it. i dont know why people dislike dungey... all ive seen about him is that firsthand thing but he seems like an all right kid.
JS seems to be a good guy. And don't forget he has the advantage. He is riding blue!!!

James is a douche..... When Windham ( nicest guy in moto!) steers clear of someone then you know that person is a douche.....
Windham even chats with Reed and has shook hands with Vullemin...

:lol: BTW what's your beef with Dungey?

When Dungey was a 250 rookie he was a bit of a cry baby.... ok he was a pretty big cry baby.... Villipoto and that Jersey guy used to F-with him all the time and he even cried when he lost the sx series to Lawrence...
Nothing. I respect anyone who rides that good. He's a great guy.

Just to nice.:lol:

I'm more of a Jlaw guy or stuff em in the corner type.:lol:

Hope Dungey has a healthy season cuz I think he will be gunned for.:smirk:
Ahh yes.:smirk: Don't worry Lug theres plenty more to where this came from.:smirk:

Reed has a huge fan club.:lol:

I do like Reed. More so in recent years.. He's matured alot since he parted ways with Yammi. I don't think it was a good move leaving a winning team like Zook though... Well it was good for Dungey, lol