A little Ride in Spangler

I think if we all show up, we will have some sweet video collections all from the same ride from different perspectives.:smirk:

yea that will be awesome. Maybe i can do some plsit screen editing if i can get a vid or two from soemone else.
So I have had this video for awhile now and I just finally cut it and added some music. This is a ride I did with WeatherGeek, Irish Hill, WG's son Bryce, Irish Hill's Son (sorry could not remember his name) and Road Rash Honda (Bryce's friend who likes to slide down the road and rash himself all up) when we camped together over Pres. Day/Valentine's Day weekend. This is only the beginning of the ride, but the song fits so I ran with it. You will understand when you watch. I wanted to run sweep, but WG would not let me, so I tooled off after the youngsters...


So Yeah I sometimes climb out of my chair and pull my bike down from the stand and throw dirt on the tires.:P

CDA Out!

OK....I just heard the opening line of the song and started laughing my arse off and had to pause it to write this! :lol::lol:....OK continue!
:thinking: I think there were pigs flying that day. I did scare myself and had to turn around and go back, put the bike on the stand, grab my chair and a rag and wipe it down..:smirk:

My ass...:smirk:

Hey I tried as you can see in the beginning. WG put the pressure on me to leave first. I think he told his kids to ride slow, to make me feel like I was riding fast..:prof:

My ass....:smirk:
:cheers: I have some other video from later I will have to cut and post. I'm sure you guys will have a good time this weekend. Just don't tell any lies about me while you are sitting around the fire..:devil:

Great video.........can't wait to some day ride with you guys/girls.......:thumb:...:ride: