A lil' NorCal singletrack.


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Looks like some Great Trails, and an Excellent video!
You have the camera angle just about right!
Roost to you! -BIG DAN:thumb:
PS- This belongs in the RR section
Great video. I love trails like that! Im afraid to pick up ANY speed on them because those trees do like to jump out and clip you. I broke my hand once hittin a tree on a tight trail. The trail straightened out and I kicked it up into 3rd and BAM! Smacked a tree sooo hard! That was in Prospect, Oregon. Ruined my entire trip on the first day there:banghead:Actually the bark buster is what busted my hand.

I want to check Georgetown out someday. As well as Jamestown. Which is better?

Single track:drool:
Wut up Rock ? No, that was just temporary. Actually have three pairs of riding pants, Troy Lee, Shift and MSR. Two pairs of boots,Thor, Barrick
Ricky Carmichael signiture which I'm willing to sell to anyone cheap. Two helmets. One DS (which you have seen) and one Scorpion EXO offroad.
A few riding jersey's chest protector. The whole nine yards. We should do another ride sometime. How's the cd doing ?