All a couple of rides this weekend. LPNF Saturday - Rowher Flats Sunday

Saturday 10/23 - LPNF, meeting at 8am at Edison stagin area. figure on a 40 mile run, possibly add the buttcrack to the route. a mix of noobies and intermediate riders. thus far, looks like 7 are interested.

Sunday 10/24 - Rowher flats, meet at the bouquet canyon trail head for an intermediate ride in the dirt. We plan on hittin the trails at 9am sharp. I'm thinkin we can up the technical do dah just a tad bit more than last week and add some of the somewhat technical trails such as fall, break, sierra, and ridge, to name a few.


Come join us. I gotta ride two days this weekend, especially with the recent rains, the dirt ought to be perfect....
As fun as both those rides sound, I just can't pass up virgin wet sand. It may not happen again for a while.
I'm trying to find some Cal City or Spangler ho's to ride with. Otherwise, you'll see me Sunday!