RM250 '96 RM fork seal

Well it's that time again... My '96 RM250 started leaking bad from the left seal this weekend. providing i dont just clean up the old seals...

Whats a good brand of fork seals? something that works well and doesn't get hard quick.
i dont even know when the last time the seals were replaced... i know age doesn't matter all that much, but i have only had the bike a few months and i already have a leaky seal
I know if thier is dirt and mud on your forks it will cause them to leak because when you jump them or hit something hard it will make your forks rub up and down on the dirt and that causes scars on your fork tubes which that causes them to leak. The brand that I used on my cr is honda oem seals they have worked pretty good they are starting to leak again just found out today:shocked: Also if you do the fork seals your self be sure to see if thier is any scars on your fork tube and if thier is be sure to sand them out with 800 grit sand paper or more because if you do not sand them out they will start to leak again.