5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays This October Myth you might see on FB....

The story goes that there is only a 5 fri 5 say and 5 sun once every 823 years


Apparently so. Let’s think about this, a year can only start on one of seven days, so there are seven possible basic calendar years. Add leap years, and there are fourteen basic calendars. Period. And one of those calendars only gets used every 823 years? How would that be possible? It’s not of course, all fourteen calenders get cycled through regularly, in fact 2010 uses the exact same calendar as 1999. That’s eleven years, not 823. The calendar above is a copy of an October 1999 calendar, not 2010. Now that my amazement is over, I’m appalled, though not surprised. I read literally hundreds of people’s comments related to this factoid, and maybe one percent of the comments were of the “that can’t be right” variety. The other 99% of people who read it simply accepted it at face value. What the hell is going on here?