4 Stroke 450rr

I wish KTM could do something in Baja / SCORE. Why do they keep trying to reinvent the wheel?

Oh yeah, Caselli rips!

My personal feeling is that the majority of the reason KTM does so well in the Dakar Rallye is the riders..Coma and Depres (sp?) are awsome. I think you could give them any kind of bike and they'd do well if not win!

I agree, I don't thik KTM needs to come up with anything new for Baja...the guys they had couldn't seem to do it...consistantly!
Kurt said they will probably ride a standard 450 in Baja. I think Kurt will tear it up down there. He was leading the first 84 miles of the first National H&H, but unfortunately for him the race was 85 miles and his bike stopped short. He did push the last mile and got 5th overall so he is still in the hunt. San Felipe 250 is March 12th, so we will see what happens.