450F 450 vs 426 cam teeth question

sorry for the confusing title but not too sure how else to word it. anyway my situation is this. i'm swapping my stock 426 exhaust cam for a 450 exhaust cam with the auto decompression. everything is going ok so far. problem(if it is a problem) is this. when i compared the 450 cam to the stock 426 cam the teeth on the brand new(fresh out of the box oem genuine yamaha cam) 450 cam are a bit fatter/wider. is this normal? it rides the chain fine and the teeth aren't taller or anything. just a little fatter. the spacing and tooth count is the same so in other words it's the same exact size other than the teeth being a bit fatter. am i worrying about nothing and this is normal? is it because my 426 cams may just be a bit more worn compared to the new one? thanks in advance.
Milk, I would think that if the lash is the same, there is nothing to be worried about. I am not familiar with that bike though so take it for what it's worth.
no apparently it's normal. just the size of the teeth on the 450 cam. no one in the past 7 years has had any known issues due to the teeth size so i'm safe :thumb: thanks though