2017 RMZ450 not starting.

I have a 2017 RMZ450 which ran a couple years ago but then hasnt started since. The motor was rebuilt and ran great then simply would not start again. It has great compression and the timing and vlave clearances are spot on. When I kick it over I get no spark but of I turn the engine over with a drill it will spark after a few revs. Many of the tests the manual says to do require the bike to be running and the rest seem to show no problems. I had surgery the summer and I'm not 100% yet so repeatedly kicking at it in hopes of it firing are not realistic. I'm hoping someone can point me at the usual suspects and give me an idea of how to test/eliminate them. I notice that the red light on the handlebar does not light up until I'v kicked it several times in rapis succession. I have the battery lead wire but am not sure where to connect it. ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks, Greg