Husqvarna 2016 Oil Change

Im following up with a friends 2016 Husky FC250. She was in the middle of an oil change when an unknown plug on the bottom of the case was pulled. In the manual, under the "oil change directions" it specifically says do not remove this plug when doing the oil change.

To be clear, aside from the drain plug there are two plugs directly on the bottom of the case... the bigger of the two was pulled and I'm told "fluid came out". I'm convinced it is simply a secondary drain plug but there are worries they drained something more important and do not want to start this brand new bike again with insufficient fluids inside.
This sounds like my 2014 KTM. There are three drain plugs. The main drain is on the side of the motor by the gear shifter. Right next to it is another plug that has a screen behind it to catch debris floating around in the transmission. A third plug is on the bottom of the motor. This one has a screen that filters the crankcase. Sometimes the screens don't come out with the plug and they need to be pulled out with a pair of needlenose pliers. The screens should be pulled and cleaned/inspected. The drain plugs all require a 13mm wrench.
The plug on the bottom that the manual says not to remove is an allen type plug from when an oil line was drilled during the manufacturing process.
Is it a section that the oil pump is in??
And needs oil their to keep prime?
If no parts came out,, I'd say your good
Most bikes have a oil pressure inspection plug, open it fire it and oil comes out of ok,

Id would look into it beforehand??