Pro 2011 Supercross Ticket Presale


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Looking at attending Houston this upcoming year. You think if we tell them we are a DBA member we will get a discount? :thinking:
:noidea: Hey it's worth a shot, let me know what happens. :smirk:

I'll be buying a bunch of the Indy ones again. :thumb: Maybe I'll be able to get some pit passes this year, that way I won't have to sneak in again. :lol:
Ill definitly try to make the San Diego Qualcom one ... that is if its coming here ?

one good thing tho is the last AMA outdoor national is at one of the local tracks this year... Pala :rocker:
I bought tickets every years for all 3 Anaheim rounds for a few years now, but I am not going this year. I have been going to the Vegas round for many years and I will go to that one. My wife likes that round and the US Open at the MGM in Oct. Can't figure out why the Vegas races are so popular with her..:thinking: