2011 Jeep Phoenix 4X4 59 MPG, MSRP $10,500

Not here yet, but will sell like hotcakes when (or if) it does.
Better MPG than a Prius, with a sticker price under 11 grand, sweet.
Only available with a standard transmission, I guess a large segment of the population will be shut out due to that....

Edit - I guess, I should read the whole story before posting, guess it's not real. Damn, I was getting ready to buy one for my commuter car.
Pretty interesting.

I still want my Jeep Gladiator! :cry:

Diesel, stick, 4x4. Heaven....:banana:
Why doesn't anyone ever make something I want. Its always shit compromises with vehicles.
I would buy that....Its not that ugly and its not metro homo either. perfect for those mid winter runs to florida with a couple of dirtbikes.