Husaberg 2011 Husabergs

3 Hondas, 1 Kawi and 1 Quad (which is strickly for my daughter - so don't bust on me for that:smirk:)

With all those bikes do you ride them Roman style? :smirk: I'll bet you get on the litle quad when you think no ones watching and take it for a spin once in a while right????? :ride: :P
Here are fun looking bikes. 570 DS and supermoto :thumb: Those could work. Man I need a bigger garage..:smirk:

I know this is a really old thread but a few months ago I got a 2011 FE570 that's literally brand new.
Only 300 miles on it and it's loaded with every upgrade and bling you can get. Dude dumped a bunch of money into it, road it twice and sold it. I sold my TE511 (which I loved) shortly after and I don't miss it at all. I'm
convinced that the FE570 is the baddest bike ever made. It's as light as a 450 and the motor is amazing.
Gobs of raw but smooth power. Here's a clip from yesterday's ride.