All 2011 Cal City Stickers

A little glitch has the new stickers delayed. Current stickers are good 'till July, $5 will get you a 2010 sticker. Hopefully the glitch is fixed soon and 2011 stickers will be available in a few weeks. Worse case scenario is a grace period will probably be in effect if the new stickers aren't ready in time. Cost is going up 2 dollars - $10 a bike, not sure if the RV sticker is going up or staying at $40.
Some people are complaining about the increase in price, figures. $10 a bike gets you year round riding - including red sticker bikes, Borax Bill Park, and helps offset the cost for medical rescue. Best deal around. If you feel slighted, you can always boycott Cal City and pay $15 a day to ride El Mirage......
The med team they have is top notch and worth every dime. My wife blew out her acl a few years back and they came by camp to check on her:thumb: