250F 2007 Yamaha WR 250F

about 5'5' 110#
K-Rack; do you mean slide them up in the Triples? My son just turned 14 as well and I will be looking soon - won't be a WR as he is an MXer. But he is so dang small - he hasn't cracked the 100 lb mark yet and he's still short. How big is your little Fella? How heavy if you don't mind my asking. Thanks, N-edge
:devil: Is there a story behind this that's entertaining?

Uhhhh..... yeah there is. First time I met him, he came into camp doing a wheelie and promptly looped out.:shocked: Soon after on another trip, he rode over to camp and fell again.:lol::lol::lol:
All this being said though, he is a very good rider... just a dumbass.:thumb::moon: BTW you might as well post that damn pic again Pat. :finger::blah:
Well the kid got his new to him bike tonight! Here are a few pics.



He had to take it for a little spin in the yard.