250F 2007 CRF 250R.. 129hrs on all OEM components.

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The break down is this. This bike has always been mine and rode like it was supposed to be. However, that has been on trails. I have a "analistic" routine of maintenance.

Oil: Shell Rotella 15w-40
Every 12hrs on both sides.

Air filter: Twin Air
Fresh on before every ride.
The valves are still in spec

The performance was never lacking until the last ride. I noticed the "umph" was fading, But not to bad to freak out about. So, this is my story of tear down and the rebuild. All the parts with be here Wednesday and then it will be put back together this coming weekend. Here are the "Tear Down" pics.

Remember this is the first time the bike has been opened up.

Well the final cost will be

$1975.93 (all parts, machine work, and upgrades.) and tools

Tusk Flywheel Puller 24mm
Tusk Valve Spring Compressor
Tusk Clutch Holding Tool
JD Jet Kit

The crank is within spec.
OK guys it took me longer than I wanted. If you look at the beginning pic with the cam chain guides in, you'll notice something isn't right. However, I didn't catch it until is was time to put on the valve cover...HINT HINT.

Anyways I just done two heat cycle at 3 minutes with a 24 in drum fan blow 8800cfm across it. It started on the 9th kick (somebody forgot the petcock )

Here are the final pics and a video is coming of it at idle on the first start up.

No trash talking here

And a video

I had the head machined. There was no need for new seats. The guy who did the work said it was the best looking 4t head he'd ever seen. It boils down to maintenance gents maintenance...
When I replace my valves I send the head out to get the valve seats cut to match the new valves. If you don't your new set of valves will wear much faster.