250F 2005 KX250F Cam Chain Timing

Ill try to make this as clear as i can. This has been an ongoing issue for a few weeks.
A few months ago i bought this Kawasaki with a blown engine and rebuilt the top end and carb. I soon after found out the decompression assembly on the exhaust cam wasn't working so i replaced that as well. The bike runs awesome but i have to bump start it because it won't kick over (reason being because i think the timing is off one link)... When lined up to TDC (SECOND TICK MARK) the 9 o'clock dot on the exhaust cam is one link too low... but if i move it up a link, i then have 11 pins in between the intake 12 o'clock dot and exhaust 12 o'clock dot.... Im told it HAS to be 12 PINS

Long story short its all lined up to TDC when at 11 pins not 12. Does that make sense?
let me know if you have an info or any question on this matter. Thank You!

by the way my clearances on the valves are good too, the bike sounds really good and rides good but won't start unless i bump it


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If it runs good, the cam timing is correct.
If it's hard to start, either the carburetor needs cleaning, or the valves need setting.
Those are your common culprits. -BIG DAN:thumb:
Ok, first off was the cam chain replaced? If not it can cause issues with the timing.
Here is how it should be...
1. Ex dot on cam on left level with head.
2. Ex dot at top.
3. Intake dot at top.
4. Intake dot at right level with head.

The total pin count from 1 to 4 should be 28 pins.
The total pin count from 2 to 4 should be 12 pins.

Now with everything lined up perfectly and the bike will not start.....
Carb clean? ( Sounds like a plugged up pilot jet)
Are you sure valves are sealing?

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Thanks for the reply's guys. I think I've come to the conclusion that the cam chain is way too stretched and old because the from 1 to 4 is 28 pins but the ex dot is still below the head (NOT LEVEL) . I did not replace it with the engine rebuild. Im picking up a new cam chain tomorrow at Chaparral in San Bernadino... I let you know if that fixes the issue! Thanks Again!
I’m have kinda same issue on my 04 kx250f when trying to find top dead center I come across 3 marks on the flywheel 1 that’s by its self than 2 marking that are close together. Which one should I go off of??