Other 2004 DRZ 400e

your right i dont post very often, hardly at all. But i do ride. Sorry i dont have diarrhea of the mouth. Keep talking Rackhead!
Washed my DRZ and getting it ready for another Lost Coast run.
500 miles in two days and a mix of twisty back roads, forest trails,
and single track.

This one is a Supermoto and I have two wheel sets for it. I love the options
and the ridability oof a good DRZ. Stock motor and the suspension has been
revalved and set for 240 pounds. The SM uses the same forks as a RMZ just
a tad shorter, the front is 19 inch for proper clearance and this enables me to
hit anything at speed with a full pack. I will post pics next month for sure.

This pics says 2011 sticker, on desk and GPS, on 265 still needed before I leave.

I have a 16,15,14,13, counter and a few minutes of work allows gearing
for what ever I want. 16/40 will allow for 96 MPH if you hold it long enough.
Well ossi it looks like my pc at work doesnt like the pics you posted. But the computer here at home is just fine :thumb: