250F 2004 crf250r help

I just bought a 2004 crf250r thats bored out and stroked to 305. It has the power max kit. It also has an acrapovitch full exaust system. It is a PAIN to start. Before i go and get the valves done and and carb tuned i am asking here. It back fires but at every track every time i get behind a crf250r they back fire on deceleration.
If you are having starting problems then chances are its your valves. They are pretty easy to check. If you need any help let me know.


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I just bought a 2004 crf250r .......It is a PAIN to start.
As much as it pains me to say this, when I got my first 4T I could NEVER reliably start it, I usually ended up bump starting it. The valves and piston needed replacing so I figured I'd start there. $700 later it still wouldn't start when I wanted it to. :foul: Next up was jetting, I did end up swapping out a needle and main jet. Still nothing :banghead: Then I finally figured out it was my starting technique. :bonk: Now I generally don't have any problems starting it. :ride:
:thumb: That's an awesome write up.


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how do you start it?
My problem was that I either wouldn't kick it all the way or kick to hard.

Here's what I do:

First slowly "pump"(<-for the lack of a better word) the kick-starter until the piston is TDC. Then in one smooth motion kick it ALL the way down, don't kick it with fast little jabs. And don't touch that throttle.:naughty:

:lol: And I swear it's also part mental, so in your mind know that it WILL start. :ride: