2 Stroke 2002 Cr 250 cosmetic rebuild

so i bought some stuff for my bike
check it out
this is what i started with

i took off the plastics and gave them a good cleaning, then my step dad used automotive grade paint to paint the back fender black

at this point the bike looked like this

then i put the pipe gaurd on

then put the graphics on and put them on the bike, along with some barkbusters and a moose racing seat strap to pick the bike up with since theres no where else to grap without burning yourself

so how do yah like it now?
God that is sweeeet! I'de take the tap off the kick start though. Also, you can pull your bike around with the rear fender. It works well.
Haha pull it off and soddar it if it's cracked, or else it will bust off. He probably did that so it wouldn't dent the thing up when it bottoms out on the foot peg.
It looks like pacman threw up on your shrouds ...:wink:... But its badass... As long as you like it man ... Im sure my bike will look ghetto when its done