2 Stroke Vs. 4 stroke

After james started his thread I want to get a little more info on some 2 stroke stuff. I know nothing about them so I'm trying to learn a little so please keep it useful and civil.

How often do you replace reeds (What do they cost?)

How often do you have to tune them? (Specifically Carbs)

Can you change from 2,000 feet elevation to 9,000 feet elevation with out having to tune the carb?

Other then Cost of a rebuild what is the advantages of the 2 stroke?

What are the disadvantages of the 2 stroke?
1.Me personally I don't replace my reeds until they are cracked, if they are not cracked thier would not be no reason to replace them unless thier something I don't know about them.

3. Some adavantages to a 2t is that they are alot cheapier to work on, the parts are alot cheapier also they make you a better rider. Another thing about a 2t is that they are better handling then a 250f 4t I am talking about the newer 250 2t.

4.Some disadvantges on some 2t is that the stupid oil is alot of money and will break you up also they suck the gas alot more then a 4t. I can not think of any other things some say they are not as reliable then a 4t but mine has been very dependable.
it doesnt really use more gas, its just perceived to use more gas because both modern MX bikes and 2t were designed to go ABOUT 40 miles on a take of gas, obviously give or take a few miles.

There is a lot of carb tuning to be done at first to get it just right, but once you ave that just +/- 1 main size, needle and pilot and you are set for jetting for just about any condition.

Advantages: lighter, more flickable power, fun factor

Disadvantages: have to premix (but i love the smell), tuning the carb, fouling plugs, red sticker in cali
i'm one of the only to say i like both 2t and 4t's :smirk: , i just love dirtbikes, hopefully the dirtbike communtiy will grasp that as well. i'm on a 250r 4t right now, as a starter full size bike i love the torque, next bike I'm probably gonna get a 2 stroke CR250 or a CRF450X or R, and 4 strokes are only more expensive when you own a race bike, 250X's and 450X's (using Honda as an example) will last forever.:prof:

dirt bikes rule! :ride:
Well, I can only speak on the 2st side. Aside from my little trail 4st growing up, 2st all I ever rode. I can say I have had very good bikes cr 250 and my now rm 250 both have been tanks and not much problems. I never raced so the serious maintenance has never been a factor. The carbs can be finicky but once worked out no issues.. only thing I think you might need to adjust to is the elevation changes and that would only be a simple turn of the air screw if you want it to run completely flawless.

Pros: fast get up and go, less money to rebuild, easy to rebuild,

Cons: mixing gas but not rocket sience by any means. you got a weed eater or chainsaw right, ??????? can't think of anything else
1.Me personally I don't replace my reeds until they are cracked, if they are not cracked thier would not be no reason to replace them unless thier something I don't know about them.
:naughty: 2 stroke reeds will lose their tightness on the manifold and if you can see light coming in when you have the reed cage out, you are loosing power. On a 125 2 stroke that is huge when losing bottom end like that. A small dent in the right place on a 125 will hurt the bike.

I like 2 and 4 strokes, they all have there fun factor. Mixing gas is no big deal and I love following my son when he ride the 250 with the smell of 927 coming out the exhuast...:smirk:
From the Yamaha technical data on the web site.
Now look at that wet weight.

Length 85.7 in

Width 32.6 in

Height 51.4 in

Seat Height 39.1 in

Wheelbase 58.3 in

Ground Clearance 15.0 in

Fuel Capacity 2.1 gal

Wet Weight*** 227 lb

Now a top end is maintenance free for weeks, I change the plug
every 6 rides or so. I fouled 1 plug in the last 4 years. I have bought
one set of reeds. Real cost of a new top end from Rocky Mt. I do a top
end every two years, never seen signs that it was imperative to do so.

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