1988 Suzuki dr 250 won’t start

Hey all, new to forum. Recently purchased a running 88 Suzuki dr 250. Bike is in overall good shape. Got a good deal on it and I usually am pretty good with at a and dirt bikes but here’s what happened. Got the bike home, which I started when purchasing and it went through all the gears fine. I knew it needed some TLC and it was running boggy. It started really easy on second kick when I bought it. Also started easy right after getting it home. So with it being boggy I figured I’d clean the carb, air box, etc. Pulled it into garage removed carb, did tear down on it cleaned the pilot and main jets, bowl was a bit dirty as were the floats and jets. Completely cleaned and sprayed out with air. Only took bottom bowl off for cleaning, yes emulsion tube is still in place, in case anyone asks that. Intake portion into top head looked good while peering in with carb off. Boots on both air and engine side are not cracked. Put carb back in place, proceeded to air filter which was quite dusty. Sprayed it all out with air only and got it looking good again, cleaned bottom of plastic box out. Replaced filter back in. Took out spark plug, went and grabbed a new one from oreilys replaced it, pushed on kick start while spark plug against head. Has very decent whitish or light blue spark, mainly wanted to check to verify stator and coil all good while I had it out. Anyways put spark plug back in and connected it. Alright figure now time to give it a kick and see how it sounds. (Small note, first 4 stroke bike mainly only ever worked on 2 stroke bikes before hand, replaced several top ends etc.) Go to kick and it felt like possibly less compression than prior, if so it’s not a crazy change but its possibly noteable, still does resist a little and doesn’t go right down, even with compression release lever it does have “a bit” of compression. But anyways all back together yes it gets fuel to carb for sure and good spark. But kicked it probably 40 times and so on never a start once. Kill switch isn’t faulty I don’t think as it has spark and is a press button style. Anything I should look at on top of engine? Any help would be greatly appreciated, it was running just very boggy before I messed with it. Thanks in advance
Have you pulled the spark plug to see what it looks like after trying to crank? If it's dry, you're probably not getting any fuel.