Other 1987 xl250R

I have an 87 xl250r. Bike runs and drives great but the shaft that hold the kick starter idler gear has broken off. Can anyone tell me what this shaft is called. I can't seem to find this out so I can see if I can find the part too replace it. Any information would be appreciated.
Ok I see. It's actually the shaft that holds the idler gear thought. From the diagrams I believe it's the countershaft that I'm needing just not for sure on that. I do see used ones for sale. I would just like to determine it is the part I need. Thanks for the reply
Yes I believe that's it. I did find one and ordered it today. I may get a manual and replace it myself unless I can have it done for a decent price. Thanks for the response i appreciate the help
I got the new countershaft installed and bike back together but now have a new problem. The bike starts runs and idles fine. When I give it throttle quickly it will stall or cut out for a second and then take off. If I ease into the throttle it picks up just fine. I cleaned the tank and went through the carbs a couple weeks ago and it was running great with no hesitation. Wondering if I could have got the timing off a tooth


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Nice job on the replacement!
Sounds like the carburetor needs cleaning, float set, idle mixture set, and verify stock jetting in the idle, needle, needle jet, and main.
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Ok I'll have to go back through them again. I didn't check valve clearance after reassemble either. Could that possibly have anything to do with it? The gas tank was full of rust when I got the bike and the carbs were dirty. It had been sitting for years. I did manage to get the tank pretty clean but I doubt I got every bit of it out not being able to see in the tank. I also don't have a fuel filter on it yet. Just the screen tube in the tank right now so maybe it let something through to the carbs.
Just went through the carbs. They were dirty with what looked like very fine rust particles. Going to pick up a filter now and will try the magnet. Thanks and I will let you know how it goes
Well no luck.... Adjusted valve clearance just to make sure that was good, cleaned the carbs and added inline fuel filter with no change at all. If I throttle it from idle it will die unless I let off or throttle slowly. I still wonder if a tooth off on the timing just because it ran fine before I did the work on it. From what I've read the lines on the cam gear are supposed to sit flush with the top of the cylinder head when timing with the crank on TDC. I couldn't get the lines perfectly straight. It was slightly off but one tooth the other way was off even more soi got it as close as I could. I am mechanically inclined but this was the first time I've ever been inside a dirt bike engine or timed one so I can't help but wonder if I did something wrong.
But I don't know if it would run as good as it does if was off a tooth. Then again dirt bikes engines are relatively new to me so I could be wrong