Other 1987 XL250R electric start?

My street bike has an o ring chain. Your right, I also think the PO of my xl250r just put a chain on with old sprockets. I know better. I'll do as you suggested and replace the set with a reg chain. They are cheaper anyway.
However I'm not sure what the stock chain was on this bike..
Hi Tubecatgs, how are you?
I'm making slow but steady progress with my project. got some painting done. Still some more preparation work to be done before I can assemble the motor.
Things left to do:
  • Rebuild forks
  • rebuild swing arm
  • reconstruct engine
I still have some minor parts to buy as well but hopefully the cost is low, final drive chain and some electrics and a switch for the starter...
Hopefully this site will let me upload some pictures as it didn't allow me before...
Oh yeah, I built a workshop press for my bearings etc...