120/80 -vs- 110/90 ?

So what say you, which are you running and why? I've been running 120's but I'm due for a new rear and thinking of a switch to the 110 for one reason, my '09 "chain to tire" tolerance is extremely small, usually ending up with chewed knobs on the left side of the tire, I'm sick of it. But, I'm worried about giving up a bit of traction. So, those that have made the switch or are using 110's on their 450's, do you notice any traction loss?

Thanx guys :thumb:
Try the 110. I doubt you will notice much of a difference. I think it's more psychological than anything. In sand or mud perhaps there will be a small difference. I even ran a 100 on my XR once and I can't say it was really any different.
I dont think you will notice it a ton either. but it depends on your kind of riding too. Most motocross guys are running the 110 anyway because it seems to hold a line well in ruts and its easier to slide around corners. I do like the 120 for dessert though. It shouldn't be rubbing your chain, although i have heard some chain clearance issues on some hondas. have you checked the bearings and everything lately??
It shouldn't be but it does on ALL '09/'10 450r's that are running 120 rears. Don't believe me, take a look at one next time you see one with a 120. Bearings are fine and it will rub a 120 even with a brand new chain and sprocket set. And when I say "rub" I mean remove left side knobs with ease.

Anyway, I'm now on my second 110 (forgot about this thread) and can say I prefer it over a 120. I do in fact notice a bit of straight line traction loss, say when shifting from 3-4th, 4-5th, but it is minimal, hardly noticeable, and the pluses of the 110 far out weigh that one negative.

No more rubbing either. Just that little bit made a difference.