250F 07 WR 250 F Jetting

I did the JD Kit, besides different size jets, they give you altitude ranges, and a couple of needles for hot & cold temps. I would agree with CDA though about dropping the MJ down, unless going at Pismo, and want to keep it rich on the fat end.
The lowest altitude you ride is 3000. I would go one lower on the main at lower the needle one. When winter get here you may need to go back to stock settings. Have you pulled the plug and looked at it?
I agree with everyone, put the main back to stock, then re do your f a s, go all the way in then out 1 and 1/2 turns and try that I would not go more then 2 and 1/2 total turns on the f a s, I never mess with my needle so you'll have to take onelugnuts advice on that one