07/07/10 Barona Oaks Improved Number Plate view.

Another week out at Barona. I made a couple plastic shimmies to reduce the shake on my numberplate view so there is a noticeable improvement with that view.

The riding was kinda sketchy today... i didn't go down or anything but i felt sloppy overall. I had my goals set on doing two jumps i never did before and getting smoother on some of the others. The two jumps i wanted to do where the biggest one on the track and a double that is a bit longer then the rest. I never attempted the big jump but i did do the longer double... unfortunate i changed the mode on my camera and forgot to adjust where it pointed so the footage of me doing that jump is not acceptable. On another note i cleared the downhill jump that goes into the straight away and i also cleared the finish line table top(longest jump) a lot smoother then i ever have before... last couple times i would barely make it on the downside... today i made it by a foot or so and it just felt WAY smoother. Also some kid who was trying to show up a old noob laid it down right in front of me coming out of a left hand berm. :doh:. All together i had a blast as always, met a couple real cool riders and got knarly arm pump so i would say it was a good day even tho i was sloppy and didn't get good camera angles...

First vid is the improved number plate view. Second is the reverse camera... which really has a shitty angle but i thought id post it for you all anyway.