okay, so i have an 04 yz125 and i dont know what i need for oil/gas mixture wise. my bike has a compression of 14.8 to one, because of the new athena top end kit i just installed. also another question would the stock jetting be alright or would i need to change that?
32:1 oil/fuel mix. As far had jetting goes it all depends on your elevation and temp of the areas you ride. How and and what type riding you do will also help.
That high of compression, you might need to run 100+ octane. I would also do the 32/36:1 on the premix ratio, but I would bet that your going to need to step up the main jet a size or 2. Best way to be sure, is to run it, and do a plug check. :prof:
thanks, im just breaking it in for now, but yeah i will eventually run race gas, im using 93 right now but i will in the future. 110 octane! and thanks guys i am using 32:1
i generally run 44:1 i used to run 32:1 but i fouled plugs like crazy! i reccommend if trail riding 44:1 only becuz with a 32:1 mix you must keep revving the bike.